Merch Box

Today, I found myself a project and made believe my name was Doug Moreland. Making some old junk into some useful treasure. Roger Polson gave me this Anvil case about a year ago and I tried re-gifting it to a friend who has a ’62 Vibrolux. My friend wanted to keep the amp off the road so I hung on to the case knowing that there would come a day…today. Mom had buyer’s remorse from a junk drawer she bought off Craigslist last week so I took it off her hands. I took a jigsaw (not a chainsaw…sorry Doug) to the Anvil case, chopped mom’s drawer down by about 6 inches, finally found a reason to take down my Christmas lights, dug around for a strobe light…and BAM! Got me a merch box!

“Line up folks! Sure, I’ll take a credit card!”


One comment

  1. Carol Anne Burleigh · · Reply

    Very interesting. Just saying. Oh yeah forgot to tell you how much I love you ….yes your music too.

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