Where Have All The Average People Gone

If you didn’t get the title…please, stop reading and go listen to Roger Miller.

I’m constantly tempted to publicly reveal the names, and home addresses, of those incompetent folks who I have the pleasure of dealing with (or being ignored by) every day.  However, I have been advised to do the opposite of that.  I’m going to call out a few of those people’s nemesises (?plural of nemesis?).  These are just a few people who simply do a darn-fine job at what they do; hard workers, entrepreneurs, just a few “average” folks walking among us:

 1) The light-haired dude, about my age, that works at the Exxon (corner of 71 & Hamilton Pool Road).  He will give you a big ole smile EVERY time you walk into that store looking to buy a pack of crackers. 14417 Texas 71, Austin, Texas

 2) Casey Jones, my newfound guitar repair guy out of San Antonio.  He does warranty work on Fenders, Taylors, Ibanez, and other guitars.  Icing on the cake: He doesn’t allow a guitar to leave his home/shop without a fresh set of strings and a faster/polished neck.  He’s worth the drive and if I ever get a bus and a guitar-tech, I have a feeling that I will be checking on his availability. Office: (210) 793-5899

 3) Steve (the owner) out at the new Christian Brothers Automotive in Lakeway.  Spent a lot of (UNPAID) time helping me locate an unreleased part for my broke-down diesel.  He doesn’t even work on diesels…but he did just earn a little shout out and I hope you gas-guzzlers will take your ride to him because he was kind to me.  Stop by: 11506 Century Oaks Terrace, Lakeway, Texas. ‎

4) There’s a girl named Kristen…she recently traded in a killer job on Capitol Hill to start up her own business back here in Texas.  She’s a vegetarian, a fitness instructor, a cancer survivor, an over-achiever, and an Aggie (hmm…those last two are an interesting combination).  She’s doesn’t really “dig” all my lyrical choices and she definitely does NOT like “Austin Kind Of Night.”  We lead very separate lives.  However, I AM a sucker for stories (and smokin’ hot chicks) and SHE is planning on mastering the (5-string) banjo…so yeah, we’re boyfriend-girlfriend.  Go read her story at http://www.TheVeggieGirl.com.  (Sorry for the conflict of interest.)



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