2012 Lessons Learned

2012 Lessons Learned

By Casey Hubble

On The Road:

Fuel efficiency drastically decreases while pulling a cargo trailer.

~Somewhere between Hamilton and Hico, Texas


You can tell a lot about a music venue by listening to their house music.


The customer is always right if they are sober, intelligent and respectful… at the same time.


Some bars will make you think about leaving your tips with the bartender.  Some bars need to be charged double.

~Spicewood, Texas (the first part) 


While visiting the “Moonshine Capital of Texas,” do not be scared of the prepubescent Mexican kid who jumps out of his car and gets in your face.  HE IS THE DECOY.  There is a man sneaking out of the backseat and casually walking up behind you.  His name is “Gator.”  HE is the one who is going to knock you out.

~Glen Rose, Texas


Girls can be great sound engineers too.

~Fort Worth, Texas


Never underestimate the power of football in Texas.  Book gigs accordingly.

~Austin, Texas


When opening for a major headliner, nothing screams “freshman” like redeeming whiskey-based cocktails with the 15 free-drink tickets.  On a similar note, once your set is over, do not return to the stage.

~This lesson was actually learned in 2009…I believe – Austin, Texas


Most people watch live music.  If the stage is somewhat clutter-free, you are wearing a half-decent shirt and you are jiving with the band, it’s going to look alright.


Falling is more likely to happen on-stage than off.  If it happens during a guitar solo, finish the solo, get up and smile as if you meant for it to happen.  (Note: This does not work during slow songs.)

~Marble Falls, Texas


In The Studio:

There is no substitute for a great song and exercised musicianship.


A rickety, old guitar might be exactly what you need for a particular song.

~Noel McKay


The drummer is probably the most critical guy on a recording.  Try to make sure he is comfortable.

~Eddie Flores, Chris Doege, Chris Dodds


On the first day of tracking, you should be able to ask the musicians “who is producing this record?”  They should be able to simultaneously point to one or two people.


As an engineer, try to refrain from interrupting a player while they are “speaking.”  If the player is “stuttering,” it can potentially be a vestige of a big idea.


“It’s more about how you use your toys than what toys you have.”

~Nick Landis


Master your project.  Try to resist the urge to say “they can fix it in mastering.”


Work “off the clock” as if you are “on the clock”…but have a clock.


The artwork gets your months of hard work opened.  Do not use a picture of yourself staring off into space.

~Pat Keating


Tune.  Check the tuning.  Tune again.


Proper preproduction will likely lead to a less expensive project.


Players typically play better when they can see each other.


Make sure that everyone in the studio understands that the engineer can hear the mouse peeing across the street with many of the microphones being used.


Memorable Quotes:

“You just keep doing what you like to do.”

Grandma Parmiter at her 100th Birthday – October 14th, 2012


“You only get better by playing with guys who are better than you…that being said, who’s to say who’s better.”

~Daniel David


“[Improvisational singing] I’ll have a Tequila…maybe a margarita…  [Pause] You know, some kid just wrote that very line and thinks that he has lyrically changed the world.”

~Walt Wilkins September 26, 2012


“It’s fun playing with the ‘varsity,’ huh?”

~Corby Schaub – August 19th, 2012


Me [singing]:  “She’s just like Carrie Underwood except that she can sing.”

Drunk Lady 3 Feet Away: “Oh yeah…and you can really sing.  [Turns to the rest of the table] Let’s leave…”

August 11th, 2012


“Just be nice to people, love Jesus and you’ll be ok.”

~Gay Jenkins


“If I had any critique I’d say you could slow down a bit and say what you’re trying to say.”

~Cash Edwards – July 23rd, 2012


“Honestly, I didn’t totally understand your first album.”

~W. C. Jameson


“Can you guys play that You Make Me Better song one more time?  My family just got here.”

~Requested by one of our wounded warriors after we finished our final song at The Fisher House.  – January 14th, 2012


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