“Hey can you please photoshop the sun between my fingers?” The web has responded with tons of funny images. Check them out at http://aplus.com/a/this-guy-asked-the-internet-for-photoshop-help-that-was-a-mistake I too have responded. ~Casey Hubble (Texas Songwriter)

Texas Songwriter, Casey Hubble, Plays April Fools Joke on the Texas Hill Country – 2014 http://www.CaseyHubbleMusic.com March 31st, 2014 – Bend, Texas The Texas Hill Country is likely to have mixed reactions to the discovery of a new species of animal in Bend, Texas. On Saturday morning, the Texas Identification and Taxonomy Association sent out a Tweet informing […]

If you didn’t get the title…please, stop reading and go listen to Roger Miller. I’m constantly tempted to publicly reveal the names, and home addresses, of those incompetent folks who I have the pleasure of dealing with (or being ignored by) every day.  However, I have been advised to do the opposite of that.  I’m […]

Gospel Songs —The Song— I wrote Gospel Songs under the fog of an incoherent head on one of the few rainy summer nights of 2012.  I remember how the scene was set for writing the song but as far as the moment when the pen hit the pad and the older-style chord progression came to […]

Today, I found myself a project and made believe my name was Doug Moreland. Making some old junk into some useful treasure. Roger Polson gave me this Anvil case about a year ago and I tried re-gifting it to a friend who has a ’62 Vibrolux. My friend wanted to keep the amp off the […]