Casey Hubble April Fools Joke: Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake Discovered in Bend, Texas

Texas Songwriter, Casey Hubble, Plays April Fools Joke on the Texas Hill Country – 2014


March 31st, 2014 – Bend, Texas

The Texas Hill Country is likely to have mixed reactions to the discovery of a new species of animal in Bend, Texas.

On Saturday morning, the Texas Identification and Taxonomy Association sent out a Tweet informing their followers that several members were “en route to Bend, Texas.” This came shortly after Bend, Texas Game Wardens were unable to identify an “unusual organism.”  On Monday morning, TITA confirmed that the animal was “a previously unknown species of snake” and released several images and a description of the animal: Crotalus Lupinus (Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake).

Dr. William Nye, founder of TITA and Professor of Biological Sciences at The University of Texas, released this statement after visiting Bend, Texas to inspect the snake over the weekend:

“This weekend, we had the opportunity to observe a previously unknown specimen in Bend, Texas.   The Governing Committee at TITA has designated the snake’s scientific name as ‘Crotalus Lupinus’ and Robert McCrae, the man who discovered, and killed, the first known specimen has assigned the common name ‘Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake.’  While a lot of research is still needed, this find reestablishes everything we teach about natural selection and adaptation.  The snake has obvious similarities to the Lupinis Texensis, or Bluebonnet.   It is safe to say, with certainty, that this rattlesnake has reached an evolutionary point where it is interacting with the state flower of Texas.  This is the first Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake that we have documented but maybe that’s the whole point…this species has evolved so they will NOT be seen.  Evolution is Nature’s smartest tool and I remain hopeful that future data reveals a thriving new species.”

Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake killed in Bend, Texas on Friday March 28th, 2014

Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake killed in Bend, Texas on Friday March 28th, 2014

Over the weekend, several dozen herpetologists, botanists, and reporters from around the country visited the home of Robert McCrae who killed the snake.

“I walked out the door and saw him…[I] said, ‘you’re a little too close to the house, Ole Buddy,’ so I grabbed my .357 and shot him.  I thought I’d leave him there on the porch for the hogs to eat but I noticed this one was a little darker than the other ones I killed.  When I turned on the porch light…that’s when I saw that we had something different.”

Several zoology researchers have tried to convince McCrae to hand over the snake but he has refused so far.  McCrae admits that he has plans to “keep the snake on dry ice” until someone makes him an offer that he can’t pass up.

“Shoot, if they want this snake we can talk about some cash money.  For now, I’m putting him in the cooler and sticking him next to my bed.  That thing has got to be good luck.  It’s a damn Bluebonnet-looking rattler! He even matches my truck!  I’m not being stingy.  I’ll let anyone take a peek for a five dollar bill.”


While this is an exciting discovery, not everyone is so happy about the new specimen.  Ana, a recent graduate of TCU, and owner of Greek Sis Photography, weighed in on the discovery.

“There’s nothing like dressing up in white and photographing your sorority sisters along the highways around here.  The Bluebonnets are so pretty right now but it might as well be raining…we can’t go out there when there are creepy, little blue snakes waiting to crawl up our skirts.”

Ana has a point.  Law enforcement officers around the Texas Hill Country have been encouraging all roadside photographers to wear snake boots while taking their pictures in the Bluebonnets.

Projected image of a living Crotalus Lupinus followed by categorization.



  1. There’s nothing worse than a man from Texas who kills Rattlesnakes! My husband saves them and when he finds one he takes it back to the field and let’s it go! Shame, Shame Mr. Killer!!

    1. Terrible old Robert McCrae…

    2. And hopefully one or more of these dear sweet deadly snakes will show you their love and bbite yourbsilly liberal asses.

      1. Zach Anderson · ·

        Yes, exactly what I was thinking sir.

      2. Valerie Norwood · ·

        Hey stupid it’s the Repugs out killing God’s creatures I got the dtrump kids photos hold a poor elephants tail he just chopped off and a couple of his sons after killing a lion. Get you facts straight you ignorant trumptard

    3. fuck you · · Reply

      Oh poo, screw that little snake

    4. Give it a rest…I’ll be sure a send any rattlesnakes I find express mail to your ass the next time I find one when my kids are playing outside!

    5. Bubba Gump · · Reply

      I headed out right now, native born Texan, for my new pair of Blue Rattle Snakeskin boots

    6. Seriously? Here in the country they are a threat to our children and our animals. We don’t just let them go. Y’all need to be thinking before you start the name calling.

  2. It’s April first…

  3. Donald Kirk Juren · · Reply

    do the correct thing Bubba Give in
    hand the snake over …..don’t Shame Texas

  4. When they bite you , they make your brown eyes blue

  5. Agreed, seems kinda petty to me too.

  6. PBrewer · · Reply


  7. Its not new, he’s just a Dallas Cowboy fan proudly displaying his colors!

  8. Dustin · · Reply

    When you make a living in the brush you do what you have to do. If you don’t get them first they will get you. Google pics of someone who has been bit. When you have someone in the family get hit and watch them swell up like they weight 350 when they actually weigh 150 you might change your mind. Have you ever woke to in the middle of the night to a screeching dog that if he doesn’t go to the vet in 5 minutes he is going to be dead? I realize we are in their natural habitat, but you have to admit that it is our martial habitat as well. I think this bb rattlesnake is beautiful, and most likely wouldn’t touch any species off snake if they were not deadly. Horses, Cows, Calfs, Sheep, Goats, Dogs, Cats, have all been lost around my house and with that I leave you with this. There are no poisonous live snakes that I can see!!!

    1. Whitley · · Reply

      AMEN!!!! A good snake is a dead snake at my house!

      1. Then you need to move out somewhere where snakes dont live, so your stupid animal abuser ass wont harm any of these beautiful animals. How about Greenland?

    2. When my dog let me know I had a rattlesnake up on my porch. I shot it no questions ask. I’ve lived here for 26 years, the last 5 years we have had them right up on the porch. If some people want to catch & release that’s fine its just not for me.

  9. This has scam written all over it.

  10. Larry Miller MD · · Reply

    That was a good April fools story. Best of the day. Thanks,

  11. roberg · · Reply

    Only a redneck….. “I reckon i’ll keep him for some cash money”!

  12. really ? bad for killing a snake ? live with them your whole life, see if you don’t kill them too ! geez

    1. I live with one everyday since its my pet. You do realise that not all snakes arent dangerous, in fact most arent? How about educating yourself a bit.

  13. First, as this is posted on April Fools Day – doubtful, looks very much photoshopped!
    Second, for you fools that don’t believe in killing snakes – I don’t approve of killing animals either, but if a rattlesnake is too close to my house/animals, I would kill it too – they are venomous, deadly so!
    Third, this guy is being a jerk! Give the snake to science, if its real – and stop looking for the cash, ass!

  14. Anonymous · · Reply

    People, Dr. William Nye… Bill Nye the science guy? Happy April fools!

  15. Keith Moon · · Reply

    I know that feller and he is up to no good.

  16. The snake must have bitten a Smurf!

  17. stuart · · Reply

    Don’t want some blue snake waiting to climb up your skirt? I’ll let anyone look at it for a 5 dollar bill? Great stuff! Happy April fools day!

  18. You could have let that snake go and even worse your making money off its corpse …shame shame.

  19. · · Reply

    Some people! Roberg, you are really judgemental for sure, sounds like you think your better than some Redneck! LOL! Be careful what you say, things always have a way coming around back at you. I have an older brother who was picking up firewood in the city and was bitten by a Copperhead snake. He was in intensive care for 3 days.

  20. Shame shame??? I’d kill it too! After that, maybe save up with a few more until we could make a purse or something cute. Hate snakes and will never feel bad killing them.

    1. Even if its a completely harmless one? Your animal abuser ass needs to be put in prison for being an ecological threat.

  21. I’m sorry but as far as I see it, if it is poisonous and around my home I will kill it. I lived in Van Horn, Texas and raised pecan trees. When we went out we had to stomp on the ground to warn snakes we were out there. There are those that don’t slither away. They raise up and will strike. And if you think it’s cruel to kill poisonous snakes you haven’t seen your dog die in agony from a bite and no vet in the area. Now we live where we don’t see many bad snakes. Chicken snakes and whips. But if I run across another rattler I WILL kill it.

  22. By the way….when your husband gets bitten you’ll think seriously about not catching them and releasing them.

  23. Cynthia Smith · · Reply

    I think it is Texas B. S. like unto the 3 eared Rabbits and Jackalope.!

  24. Chuck Stewart · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Chuck and Joyce and the RV.

  25. lmao, I wonder if Alice would catch wasps and release those too??

  26. Randal · · Reply

    I now wonder if there are any ORANGE BACK RATTLESNAKES to match the Indian paintbrushes? Lol.

    1. Valerie Norwood · · Reply

      Yes there is it lives in the White house it’s call dtrump snake and their are many in that building
      Blahahahaha funny

  27. He could release the snake to the scientists/biologist so that they could trace his background to see if it actually did evolve or is there some “hanky-paky” going on with the Mr. M to gain publicity and perhaps to coax some one to fall for his offer son he can line his pockets?? Will we ever know?

  28. ….. and the dumb ass killed it.

  29. ben rozela · · Reply

    Its an April fools joke people!!!! Damn the SHEEPLE jumped all over this…

  30. Hello. I just happen to notice this pic looks photo shop of the guy sitting in the p/u truck. You have to be a fool to not notice its photo shop. Someone does not like my state Texas so they decide to make a fake stoy.

  31. […] species known as the Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake, the Facebook post links to an article of a WordPress Blogger that claims to describe and explain the incident in Bend, Texas. The article claims that local game […]

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