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Trump Tower Climber


Guy asks the web: “Hey can you please photoshop the sun between my fingers?”

“Hey can you please photoshop the sun between my fingers?” The web has responded with tons of funny images. Check them out at I too have responded. ~Casey Hubble (Texas Songwriter)

Casey Hubble

Casey Hubble April Fools Joke: Texas Bonnet Rattlesnake Discovered in Bend, Texas

Texas Songwriter, Casey Hubble, Plays April Fools Joke on the Texas Hill Country – 2014 March 31st, 2014 – Bend, Texas The Texas Hill Country is likely to have mixed reactions to the discovery of a new species of animal in Bend, Texas. On Saturday morning, the Texas Identification and Taxonomy Association sent out a Tweet informing […]

Where Have All The Average People Gone

If you didn’t get the title…please, stop reading and go listen to Roger Miller. I’m constantly tempted to publicly reveal the names, and home addresses, of those incompetent folks who I have the pleasure of dealing with (or being ignored by) every day.  However, I have been advised to do the opposite of that.  I’m […]

Gospel Songs: The Story

Gospel Songs —The Song— I wrote Gospel Songs under the fog of an incoherent head on one of the few rainy summer nights of 2012.  I remember how the scene was set for writing the song but as far as the moment when the pen hit the pad and the older-style chord progression came to […]

Merch Box

Today, I found myself a project and made believe my name was Doug Moreland. Making some old junk into some useful treasure. Roger Polson gave me this Anvil case about a year ago and I tried re-gifting it to a friend who has a ’62 Vibrolux. My friend wanted to keep the amp off the […]